The split with the Nuclear group was definitive but hardly brusque: on the 27th of May Manzoni again exhibited in L’Avanguardia at the Galleria Montenapoleone in Milan with Fontana, Baj and earlier exponents of the historic avant-garde such as Francis Picabia and Antonio Sant’Elia, while in September he edited, together with Baj and Dangelo, the third issue of the periodical Il Gesto.

In the meantime, he introduced a chalky material, (“kaolin”, as he defined it), to his artistic process, which he had come into contact with during his sojourns at Albisola. This friable white clay is widely used in pottery and porcelain production and confers a white, opaque and material appearance to the surface.


Achrome, 1958-59, creased canvas and kaolin, 60 × 80 cm

Achrome, 1958-59, canvas in squares and kaolin, 130 × 80 cm

Achrome, 1958-59, creased canvas and kaolin, 35,5 × 26 cm

Exhibition flyer for L’Avanguardia, Galleria Montenapoleone, Milan, 1958

Cover of the magazine Il Gesto, no. 3, Milan, September 1958