That Bonalumi and Castellani were Manzoni’s new travelling companions of choice was clear from the exhibitions Bonalumi Castellani Manzoni at Prisma on the 16th of February and the Galleria Appia Antica in Rome on the 3rd of April, this last introduced by his poet friend Leo Paolazzi, who was subsequently to use the pen name Antonio Porta. In the new studio in Via Fiori Oscuri, Manzoni created the first sewn canvases as well as the first Linee (Lines), and continued with the creased canvases.

Manzoni’s Dutch contacts bore fruit in the form of the solo show Relief-Schilderijen at the Galerie de Posthoorn in The Hague on the 21st of April. On the 27th of May, he presented a number of Linee traced horizontally on rectangular sheets and a number of achrome works, entitled for the time Superficie acroma (Achrome surfaces) at the La Parete bar in Milan.


Piero Manzoni in front of the Galleria del Prisma, Milan, 1959

Exhibition poster for Bonalumi Castellani Manzoni, Galleria del Prisma, Milan, 1959

Exhibition poster for Bonalumi, Castellani, Manzoni, Galleria Appia Antica, Rome, 1959

Achrome, 1959-60, canvas sewn in squares, 51 × 36 cm

Linea [frammento] (Line - fragment), ca. 1959, ink on paper, 20 × 255 cm

Achrome, 1959, creased canvas and kaolin, 50 × 70 cm

Piero Manzoni at the opening of his solo exhibition, Bar La Parete, Milan, 1959